Premium Quality 9mm Reloads

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I make high quality reloads for my use in competition - and from time to time will
offer ammo at considerable cost savings vs similar performing brands.

Loads below are each tailored to deliver particular performance and cost advantages:

9mm / 147gr Cast bullet – Specifically formulated for lower recoil practice or competition use.
Lower recoil offers faster follow up shot times (helpful in speed oriented competitions) but
are also ideal for training as they are MUCH more fun to shoot. Importantly, lower recoil allows for
more concentration on technique which minimizes reinforcing bad shooting habits during practice.
Save money, improve accuracy, get faster follow up times and have more fun shooting with this ammo.

* Click here if you would like to know why Cast bullets are better for your gun

$18 per 50

$174 per 500

9mm / 124gr Hollow Point – Excellent practice ammo or for small game hunting. Some prefer hollow point bullets for target use since it cuts cleaner holes in the paper vs round nose bullets. This is a standard pressure cartridge.

$24 per 50

$189 per 500

9mm / 124gr +P XTP – “HOT” self defense round; good also for hunting, “duty” ammo practice or long range handgun shooting. Premium Hornady XTP hollow point bullet.. every component used is the finest money can buy.

- Special “low flash” powder used
- Formulated for ultra clean burning = less residue after firing

$36 per 50

$296 per 50